Accelerate your job search

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Self-explore – Become more confident – Unlock opportunities

In this programme you will…

Understand how to plan your job search

Identify which “ingredients” your ideal career should be made of

Stay accountable with other members of the group

Learn valuable tools to be more efficient in your job search

Learn tips to become a networking ninja

Get mentoring from people who changed career themselves

Boost your network and find new business contacts

Discover how you can use your talents, strength and skills

Develop and nurture your personal brand

Meet likeminded people

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What We Believe In


We believe that life is too short to watch your career drive itself on autopilot. Our community will empower you to get back control and pursue a career path YOU decide.

We know that changing job can be overwhelming. It’s actually freaking scary. Having hosted dozen of workshops, we know that working with like-minded people and coaches will boost your confidence. In our community everyone support each other to get into action and achieve more

Sending CVs online doesn’t work. (If it does you would already have a job you truly love). In fact, 50% of the jobs are not advertised. Our community will help you build your network and tap in these unlisted job offers.

Last but not least, we care about bringing value to your journey. This is why we offer on our coaching programme a satisfied or refunded policy. No question asked.

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

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What’s different about this programme



The biggest mistake people make when they search for a job is that they work alone. As part of our community you will get more support whether it’s to prepare for an interview or find new business contacts.


Online Resources

We know you’re a busy bee. We decided to share all the content of the programme online, so you can access it whenever you want, wherever you want. You will get a handout for each lesson with challenges and exercises.

coaching sessions


The workshops are designed to allow you to exchange with others while learning more about yourself. Each of them will be hosted by a different career angel who will share their insights and help you reach your goals.

What you will get

21 Videos

Access to all our 2017 events for free

24/7 Community

Curated Resources

Monthly catch ups

10 Challenges

A step by step plan to manage your job search

5 worksheets

4 Tests

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Connect with me!

Alexis Friedlander

Founder of We Love Mondays

Hi, I’m Alexis

I started my career in Finance 6 years ago in London. This was for me the logical move after graduating from a top business school in the US. I have been working in the corporate world since then. I had the feeling I was not at my place (this is why I changed 3 times of companies), but I couldn’t really understand why?

Last year I started a self-inventory to understand what was wrong with me! I realised that I wanted more from my job than only a 9 to 5 to pay the bills.
Through that process I made 3 important discoveries:
– No-one teaches you how to define and get a fulfilling job
– I wasn’t the only one who wanted to quit his job to find a job they love
– I love helping others and create communities

I interviewed dozens of coaches, entrepreneurs and people who love their job to understand how I could help others to also find a fulfilling job. It took me month to learn techniques, concepts I applied to myself. Today I want to share those with you.


    I found the content very practical and realistic, the coaches are very dynamic high energy individual which and have amazing depth of knowledge. They provided an excellent foundation to begin thinking about the career I want and how to start implementing my plan. The strategies were explained in a way that was easily understood and can be applied immediately.


  • 0dac629

    I really loved the atmosphere and the discussions with other members of the group. The coaches really helped us to collaborate and learn more about ourselves. This programme gave me the push I needed to take action.


  • 32deac5

    It was really reassuring to see that I was not the only one in that situation. The fact that coaches have all changed careers was a great source of drive and motivation. I loved that the workshops are interactive so we could share ideas and point of view. I feel I wouldn't have gone so far so quickly on my own.




Connect with me!

Aga Gajownik

Professional Development Trainer

Aga Gajownik is a professional development trainer. She has been helping individuals and start-up companies to create and activate authentic brands since 2010. Creator of SEE – SCRUM Educational Experience, I&I Formula and BASIC Model supporting business owners in starting and running sustainable companies without burning out too soon. She has worked with over 5,000 people in more than 5 countries promoting entrepreneurship and supporting start-up ecosystems internationally. In her spare time, Aga is a TEDx trainer and a Forró dancer in the evenings.

My work is to help you set up your goals, prioritise your tasks and get into actions without burning out. What makes a huge difference is also the system you have in place to follow through. The community support WeLoveMondays offers is extremely useful to stay on track regardless of the bumps on the road.


Connect with me!

Nathalina Harrison

Career and Business Coach

Nathalina is a qualified Career Coach with a background in Investment banking technology; having spent 15 years previously with J.P. Morgan as a Programme and Project Manager. In 2007 she started her career transition to Career Coaching, after realising people development rather than systems development were where her passions truly lie. Nathalina now works privately with individuals who work for companies such as HSBC, Citibank, Barclays Investment Bank, J.P. Morgan, BNP Paribas, EY, KPMG, Deloitte, and Clifford Chance.

What struck me in this community is the desire from everyone to contribute and learn. Working in group offers a different dynamic than 1to1 coaching. People were very engaged and supportive in a truly sharing atmosphere . This kind of stimulation is harder to achieve if you do not work in workshop format.


Connect with me!

Marlene Marin

Career Coach

Marlene is a career coach and the founder of Career Revolution; a platform for 21st century professionals & entrepreneurs who want to do work that matters. She understands first-hand how hard a career transition can be. In 2012, she left her corporate job in the FMCG industry and went travelling around the world for a year. Now, her mission is to empower more professionals to transition into a fulfilling career. She strongly believes the world would be a happier & healthier place if more people had fulfilling & passionate careers.

During our session we looked at ways to maximise opportunities. We worked on LinkedIn profiles, personal branding. People had very practical questions so I did share some of my personal experience as well as some of the techniques my clients have used for themselves.


Connect with me!

Helen Gazzi

Career coach - Law For Good Manager - Innovation Consultant

Helen started her career at Clyde & Co LLP. She stepped away from this classic lawyer career path to build her own portfolio career. She now advises LawTech Start Ups and runs the Law For Good arm of Legal Geek. Last year she produced Wow Talks event Women in Tech. She is also a certified career coach and helps people in their career transition. Last but not least, Helen is also a yoga instructor.

In this program I help people to delve deeper into what is important to them and gain a new insight into the drivers in their life, and use this to make actively make choices about their career going forward.

Our Guarantee

If 30 days after the end of the programme you feel we haven’t delivered on your expectations, we will give your money back. No questions asked.

Choose Your Participation

Attending Online Course only


  • 21 videos
  • 10 challenges
  • 1 blueprint of the course
  • 4 tests
  • Curated resources
  • Private online group access
  • Weekly group check-ins
  • 4 workshops (2hrs each)
  • 4 Mentoring sessions
    (worth £50 each)

Online Course & Workshop ***Recommended


  • 21 videos
  • 10 challenges
  • 1 blueprint of the course
  • 4 tests
  • Curated resources
  • Private Online group access
  • Weekly group check-ins
  • 4 workshops (2hrs each)
  • 4 Mentoring sessions
    (worth £150 each)
  • Optional
    Monthly Payment Plan (£175 x 3)
    Send us an email if you’d like to pay monthly we’ll set it up for you

Online Course & Workshop + Mentoring support


  • 21 videos
  • 10 challenges
  • 1 blueprint of the course
  • 4 tests
  • Curated resources
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Weekly group check-ins
  • 4 workshops (2hrs each)
  • 4 Mentoring sessions
    (worth £150 each)
  • Optional
    Monthly Payment Plan (£175 x 6)
    Send us an email if you’d like to pay monthly we’ll set it up for you


What if I can’t attend one of the events?

You will have access to the online part of the course that would cover most parts of the workshops. However, if you want to deepen your understanding or get extra coaching (we can’t blame you for that), our career angels would happily organise a call with you. There is a cost to it £80 per call.

Where will we access the online course?

The course will be accessible on I have created a private course and will share the password upon registration

What happens after the last workshop?

You won’t stay on your own. We will organise monthly catch ups where you could get some practical ways to keep on track and stay motivated.

Will I meet recruiters during these workshops?

I will invite coach and entrepreneurs to join me. You will not meet recruiters as such, but the idea of this tribe is to share contact with each other including recruiters’ contacts.

On which criteria’s are based the applications?

We want to ensure you get the best out of this programme. We will therefore select people on how far they are with their search and how helpful this program can be for them. “You get out what you put in” is one of our motto, the success of our programmes is the result of everyone’s participation and desire to help their peers to move forward.

The satisfied or reimbursed guarantee. Where is the catch?

Well, there isn’t. You’re investing in your future, and if you feel the return on investment is not there, we believe it’s fair to give your money back. (so far we’ve never had to use it).

Our growth strategy is to build our community from our existing members, we prefer to spend our energy and budget at building great value that our members would happily recommend to friends rather than spending thousands of pounds in expensive PR.

Any other questions? Email us. Send Email



April12, 19, 26 + May 3, 2017

6:30pm – 8:30pm


Work.Life Bermondsey

5 Tanner St, London SE1 3LE